Short sales

In real estate, a short sale refers to the sale of a property that fetches less than the money the property owner owes his/ her creditors. Debtors often resort to this measure as a way of avoiding foreclosure on their properties, which have lien placed on them as a result of their being collateral to the unpaid loans. Debtors may also opt for these sales if and when they feel it is the only option they have of settling their debts, or working out an agreement with the creditors. The creditors must, however, agree to the sale. Some people view short sales as investment opportunities and quickly move in to buy the on-short sale properties.

Short sale buying

Short sale buying provides investors, or any other potential property buyer, a chance to own homes or whatever else property is up for short sale, at discounted prices; thanks to the hurry in which the seller (debtor) and his/ her creditor are to make money out of the property. The process of buying short-sale properties starts with identification of potential on short-sale properties. Typically, the process takes a couple of months due to the various levels of approval that need to be done.

Locating and zeroing-in on a property: Realtor role

Finding the right property, on short-sale, can be quite a confusing, stressful and risky task. However, buyers need not undertake the process alone. Potential buyers may employ the services of realtors (individual, groups, corporate, valuers, organizations and other real estate professionals), who know their way in this business. Some realtors run websites and or companies that easily identify all properties up for short sale, where potential buyers can sample the houses/ properties they like. These same realtors, also, help buyers know the real worth of properties, through valuing, request and validate legal paperwork from creditors and debtors, and finalize the purchase transaction through proper billings.

Montana real estate

Buying a property on a short sale involves more than just finding the property, it comprises proper billings that legalize the transactions. Montana real estate industry handles short sales and foreclosures as well as other real property disposal and or acquisition. Using realtor’s services helps a potential buyer identify and go through the process of short sale purchases as fast and painlessly as possible.


When home/ property owners agree with their creditors to have their on-lien properties sold, but the sales do not make enough money to settle all the debts, such sales are considered short sales. Short sales have significantly increased, partly because the foreclosure process, which would follow if no settlement is reached, costs the debtor and creditor more money. The sale also offers creditor(s) some hope of getting part of their monies back and debtors may be allowed to stay in their homes, by the news buyers, after the sale, instead of abrupt evictions. Investing in short sales enables buyers acquire properties cheaply. However, caution should be taken to make use of realtors (real estate professionals) who can move the process smoothly and mitigate unforeseen risks.